IVR Cheat Sheet

Is it just me or do you hate it when you call the phone company, cable provider, or a big wig service shop and get a dumb computer answering the phone? With older systems, entering a simple “0” would of immediately transfered you to a human. Not so with most modern automated answering systems. Instead, you are greeted with a sometimes annoying computer attempting to sound like a human. Well, Paul English over at http://paulenglish.com/ has a nice little “cheat sheet” that lists all sorts of methods which enable you to speak to a live person, outsourced or not… 😉

Whats an “IVR”? According to Paul English:

The term IVR stands for "Interactive Voice Response", the fancy name for annoying computers who answer most phones these days.

Go to the “IVR Cheat Sheet” and stick it to the man!

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