Ever wanted to keep yourself organized but didn’t have the means to get yourself one of those fancy PDA’s or smartphones? Yeah, me either! If you are like me (broke) and carry several pieces of sticky notes around as reminders/todo lists, then you might be interested in the website called PocketMod (http://www.pocketmod.com/).

This idea isn’t new since there are several other websites that offer this type of service. If you have heard of “Hipster PDA’s” then you know what I am talking about. What makes PoketMod different is that it enables you create a custom layout from pre-formatted pages tailored to suit your needs all from their website.


To think that this much organization comes from a simple folded up piece of paper… well, try it and see for yourself. That is, unless you are a rich snob and owns a real PDA. 😉

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