Is Your Hardware Being Stolen?

Here is a tip for all you Unix/Linux Admins out there. If you are tired of having all your hardware stolen by the Windoze so-called Admin pukes, then here are some helpful tips that you can follow to once and for all put an end once to your “relocated hardware”.

These handy dandy tips were originally posted to the Unix Guru Universe mailing list. They have cool UNIX centric tips so if you want to get on the mailing list go to their main site or be a lazy bum and follow this link:

On to the tips:

  • Problem: Missing CD-R/RW’s?
    Solution: Mark CD-R “Writes on Unix only”
  • Problem: Missing mice and/or keyboards?
    Solution: Mark your spare mice and keyboards in a box labeled “Supports Linux only”.
  • Problem:Got a monitor you don’t want stolen?
    Solution: Mark it saying “Special VGA Sync’d for Unix workstations”.

According to UGU, Windoze Admins will believe it! It seems that they just don’t know. 😉 Personally I haven’t tried it but I think I just might do it soon. Woody, are you reading this? hehehe

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