Hershey Park

Went to Hershey Park this weekend. Two big mistakes:

Big mistake number 1. I didn’t know that “Lil Bow Wow” was going to be performing at the Hershey Stadium. Man, Hershey Park was packed! It kinda sucked cause I was pushing a stroller around all day and let me tell you, there are s0me rude people in this world and I think all those rude people had a national convention at Hershey Park. Come on people, have a little common courtesy!

Big mistake number 2. All corny jokes aside, my wife and I finally were able to find the “kiddie” section of the park for our son after tons of shoving and cutting people off with the stroller. We decided to let our son go on his very first roller coater ride. It goes by the menacing and ferocious killer name of, you guess it, “The Ladybug“!!! My son cant ride it on his own so my wife took the liberty of volunteering me to be my sons “chaperon”. Mind you, this ride goes around in circles with the occasional ups and downs as it makes its way around in a complete circle. My son started his usual “wwweeeeeee!” cheer but towards the end he was nothing but cries! I don’t blame him, I too felt like I wanted to puke! Yes ladies and gents, I wanted to puke on “The Ladybug” at Hershey Park. It totally reminded of how I felt on my fishing trip a week ago. Not a good feeling at all. Thankfully the nauseating feeling only lasted for approximately 5 minutes.

I did enjoy the short 40′ walk through Zoo America’s night portion. I don’t know how else to describe it other than its a huge tube like shaped structure that once inside is pitch black. To the left and right are creatures of the night. It was pretty cool.

It was my fist time at Hershey Park and I have to say it was just O.K. I would probably have better things to say about the park if not for the intense heat and humidity, the extremely rude crowd, and the smell of B.O. everywhere.

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