4r3 u l337?

Are you leet?

If you have to ask what “leet” means, then the answer is most likely going to be a harsh “NO”! Well, what is it you ask? Well, according to LinuxReviews.org:

The word itself is derived phonetically from the word "elite", and is a cipher, or cryptic form of English spelling. The spelling convention intended principally to bypass automatic text parsers, perhaps because the originators of the convention felt they may be under some form of surveillance, or desired for other reasons to have somewhat private conversations in public spaces ? hence the term elite, as only those 'in the know' could easily read what was said (perhaps in an online chat forum, for instance).

Not sure when it started but I think it really hit hard when IRC and later, online games, arrived on the scene. Micro$oft has a good write up about its definition and other things to look for if you wish to spy on your kids.

Wikipedia’s definition of leet
leet via Micro$ofts website
more leet from LinuxReviews.org

If you too want to look “l33t” but lack the “l33t” skills, try these online leet converters.

my leet script
script from albinoblacksheep.com

S0, h0w l33t 4r3 y0u?

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