AOL AIM Webmail

Not sure how new this is but I just noticed AOL is offering a free web based email account to every single user of their AIM network. Meaning, if you use: AOL, AIM, CompuServe, or Netscape, you have a AOL ScreenName and you could use that ScreenName to log in their webmail service for free. The email address would be: Go there:

From what I can tell, here are some of the features that you will get:

  • Only have to log in once to access both your AIM Mail and your IM.
  • AIM Mail has 2GB’s of storage.
  • It has spam and anti-virus protection (although I haven’t tested it to see it it actually works).
  • Check and send AIM Mail messages from Microsoft Outlook or any other IMAP-compliant email program.(coming soon)

It also has a modern looking interface.

Main AIM Webmail interface

Overall, I guess it ok. Just another webmail interface really. This brings me to a simple question. Do we need yet another email address? I mean, I already have 5 email accounts that I use for various things like work, personal and mailing list junk. I guess I don’t have to use it just because I have it but it seems such a waste to not take advantage of the free 2Gig disk quota that AOL is giving away.

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