Continental Airlines Seat 29E

I just came across what seems to be a real letter someone wrote to Continental Airlines about their experience in seat 29E on flight #888 . Its hilarious! Its especially funny to me because now I have something to look forward too since I will be going on vacation in a few weeks to Cali and will have to fly down there.


Read the full letter…

Thankfully, I will be flying Southwest Airlines so if you have ever flown in one of their aircraft, then you will know there is no assigned seating. If you want a good seat, you have to be there early in line. Its a, “first come, first serve” type service. One way to get around it is if you have toddlers and infants or any if you require assistance to be seated which thankfully Joshua still needs assistance.

Lets hope I don’t get a seat similar to Seat 29E!

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