Too Short!

I’m back from vacation! The thing about vacations is that when you have a good time, you wished you stayed longer… that was the case on this vacation. One whole week was too short.

I took what seemed like a million pics! Below I posted a few pictures and if I get more time, I will post more… Anyway, below are some pics of my son Joshua and my wife Jen after a 14 mile bike ride on some old, single gear, beach cruisers… some random pics of me, Joshua and Jen… then there are some in the backyard of the beach house where we stayed (Cape Fear River in back, and Atlantic ocean in front). The other pics are, well, on the beach… The two sunset pics were taken while on top of the Oak Island Intercoastal Waterway Bridge at 45mph. All the pics have been resized for web viewing down from the original 5Mega pixel resolution that my camera takes.

Sup ladies!
Tired, but smiling
Take this helmet off!
Wait for momma!
On the floor...
The most uncomfortable couch on earth!
Anyone up for a ride?
How do you like my shorts?
Damn seagulls, you wont get my snacks!

Well, back to “skimming” through thousands of work emails. It sucks when you get roughly 2k legit emails a day. I wish they were actually spam, that way I could just filter them out and delete them. In this case, they are automated emails from various monitoring systems on our work network. Some require human intervention, others, well, can just wait… I wish I were still on vacation.

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