Going on Vacation!

Starting tomorrow morning, I will be making the long 9 hour, 469 mile drive to our usual vacation spot in North Carolina. Its a small place called Oak Island, NC., ever heard of it? If you take a look at the Google map, we generally stay on Caswell Beach Rd near the Smith Island Ferry. Its a private beach so there isn’t many people on the beach itself.

Depending on when you leave, the drive isn’t bad. The major traffic jams driving south on I-95 from Baltimore are:

  1. The Springfield Interchange
    The worst part of the entire drive!!!
  2. Between Fredericksburg, VA and Quantico, VA for some reason
    Depends on the time of day
  3. Richmond Virginia
    This one isn’t too bad since we don’t go through the city itself but go around it using the I-295 By-Pass.
  4. The rest is pretty much smooth driving

Overall, the drive itself isn’t too bad.

Anyway, to all my faithful and loyal readers (Stevo) ;), I wont be updating my blog for at least a week. Talk you guys then!

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