I told you so

To all you Intel haters out there, all I have to say is, “I TOLD YOU SO!!”

So Apple is switching to x86 ala Intel processors and ditching the IBM PowerPC architecture. Well holy shit, I knew this just had to happen!

Admittedly I have limited experience with the Apple OS but the short couple months I had a G4 OSX10.3, I simply loved it. It was easy to use yet ready to satisfy my power hungry finger tips if I so desired simply by opening a terminal. The terminal is the true power of any *nix type operating system. Microsoft, are you listening? (probably not but who cares anyway.)

I guess we will know for sure on Monday according to this article over at C|net…

UPDATE: 06/05/05
So the news of Apple switching to the Intel camp has the tech community in a buzz. All the normal news sites and blogs are swamped with people throwing in their “2 cents”. Clearly, there are 3 popular opinions out there running wild. Here is where I think most of the people lie:

  • Those to welcome the change with open arms saying that the switch is a good thing for Apple and the PC industry as a whole
  • Those that hate the change and say that Apple is going to loose customers, business, etc… and end up in hell blah blah blah
  • Then there are those that are the skeptical type who will just wait until Monday to open their “pie holes

Personally, I like the change. Why? Well cause I am too cheap to fork over for expensive Apple hardware and gear. If the change is indeed true, then I am sure that it will only be a matter of time before I will be running the Apple OS on my sweet PC!

UPDATE: 06/07/05
So its true… Apple is shaking hands with “the devil” Intel.

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