Memorial Weekend Re-cap

This Memorial Day weekend was busy for my wife and I. On Saturday we made the usual trip to PA to check out the progress of our new house. This time however we invited my in-laws on the trip since they never had seen the property before. When we got there, we noticed that our new house was well underway since our weekend visit. The foundation was completed from what I could tell and the basement walls were approximately 6 feet high. I took a couple pictures but I wish I had the chance to take more. I couldn’t only because much to my surprise, there was a crew working on site.

On the way back, we stopped at “Eat ‘n Park” ( I ate was could be considered a huge “Buffalo Wing” chicken sandwich because thats what it tasted like, a buffalo wing with blue cheese dressing on a bun minus the bones. The food was good but since I don’t smoke, I think my only negative comment would be that they should have dedicated non-smoking sections. They don’t! Thankfully the couple next to us weren’t smoking themselves but we could all (Jen, and the in-laws) smell the smoke and it bothered us after a while. Other than that, I think the place is nice and clean.

When we got back home that Saturday, we went to Value City Furniture ( and bought a new living room set and a new bedroom set. We didn’t spend as much as we thought so that was good. We like Value City Furniture because they have good furniture for cheap. We took advantage of what they call their “price hold guarantee” but in its most basic form, its just a glamorized lay-away program. We just have to make sure we pay off the balance in 90 days or less or they will charge us interest plus the price difference if there was a price increase during those 90 days of being “on hold”.

Sunday… Well, Jen, Joshua and I went to the CCG Reunion. It was nice. I was glad to see a bunch of good military buddies from years past. From what JJ, says, most people said they were going to come and never showed up. I was almost one of them but Jen and I changed our minds at the last minute because we had sold our house quicker than we thought we would. Hopefully we could all keep in touch in on form or another

Anyway, thats my weekend all summed up. Damn, I forgot I need to mow my lawn!

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