CCG Reunion

Its been a while since I have seen and/or spoken with my old Army buddies. Actually, the only one that I talk too almost on a daily basis is Stevie-D. Whether he (“Stevo”) likes it or not, I consider him to be a very close friend of mine. Right about now, he might be saying to himself, “WTF…” but whatever. Its been a while since we have gotten together and reminisced about the “Army days” and talked about nerd stuff like computers and general tech things. But that might change. (Had enough of the “wussy and sentimental” side of me yet? Yeah, me too.)

Anyway, JJ Wright (old Army buddy) is trying to put yet another CCG reunion together the day before Memorial Day which is the 29th of May, 2005. I didn’t go to the last one but I hear there wasn’t that many in attendance. This year, I hope that most of the people in the mass email go. I for one am scheduled to make the trek to VA with “the wife and kid”. I haven’t seen them in a while, maybe 3+ plus years for most of them. The last time I saw them was for Ralph Davis’s b-day which was really a “cop reunion”. It was funny to see all the “cops” upstairs (along with Scott Wanek) and all the ex-Army retards downstairs. Hey, the chili was good so I will let it pass this time. Ralph, if you are reading this, which I doubt that you are since you dont even know how to turn on a computer, then make sure you make some chili. JJ, relay the message… thanks “Mr. Blick Man”!

To be honest, a CCG reunion with out me and all my sayings is boring. (Yeah, I’m “tooting” my own horn! Its my blog so leave me alone!)

“Buncha Bitches!”

Yeah, those were a few of the dumb shit sayings I used to force on everyone. Dont get me wrong, I still say a lot of dumb shit but I like to think that the dumb shit I say now has matured a little.

For example:

“What it be yo!”
“Whats the good word dawg?

Hey, what did you expect? Remember, I have a public school “edu-ma-ka-shion” from the ghetto in SoCal.

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