Busy Weekend

It was a busy for me this past weekend. I usually take advantage of the weekends to relax some what. Since I work nights, (Mon-Thurs;9pm-7am), I always sleep in Saturday morning. This lets me live a somewhat normal life for two days. By normal, I mean, sleep by night and play by day.

Anyway, it all started Saturday afternoon when I had an appointment to see the Optometrists at the local mall. Yeah, probably the not the best place to get your eyes checked but the place seemed like they ran a good operation. After the exam was over, I was told I needed bi-focals! Can you believe that?!?! I asked the good doctor why I needed them since I passed all my tests with flying colors. His response was that since I was in front of a PC all day, that my eyes are starting to show signs of wear and tear. He recommended I get PROGRESSIVE WITH TRANSITION glasses with a minor prescription lens. From what I hear they are like the Cadillac of lenses – bifocal, no line, AND protection from the sun! These lenses will tint themselves from clear to dark when you step outside. Hopefully it wasn’t his way of saying, “You don’t have anything wrong with you but I want to make money from you so I will stick you with this!” Hopefully thats not the case. I should get the new glasses this coming week. I hope I don’t look more of a dork than I already do.

While at the mall, I decided to go into Sears. Since I needed a new lawn mower, I bought one and a new weed whacker. I already had a good working weed whacker but its an electrical one, that means its corded and it sucked trying to avoid not cutting the cord all the time. So, I bought a 2-cycle, gas powered weed whacker. Works very well. The lawn mower is just your standard Craftsman 6.5 HP, mulch and bag mower. The mower works, well, like a lawn mower. Needless to say, I had to cut the grass that same day now that I didn’t have anymore excuses to tell “the wife”! Speaking of my wife, she decided that we needed a new vacuum cleaner so she bought one. Where are we getting all this money to buy these things is beyond me.

On Sunday, I went to my Godson’s Baptism. I was honored that my brother-in-law and his wife chose me to be the “Godfather” of their new child! The ceremony wasn’t long compared to other Catholic Baptisms I have been too. Let me tell you, Mexican service for anything Church related take hours! At this Baptism, I was the only Mexican!!! LOL.

“I will use google.com BEFORE asking stupid questions!”

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